Neighbourhood II

…continued from last week.

Or else stay on the south bank, follow the river around through North Greenwich, and enter the realm of the last remaining real industry, even as it falls to the rolling redevelopment.

And you’re forced away from the river onto the Blackwall Tunnel road where cars rush through the windswept wastes to better places to be.

[fimg id=5411542390 size=Medium][fimg id=4524449770 size=Medium]


Through the crushed remains of the peninsula’s past, piled on the flattened plots that surround the Millennium Dome, not yet all concreted over for extra ever empty unused parking spaces.

[fimg id=4507715025]

Overlooked by the brave new world of east London.

[fimg id=4462091277]

As the ferry boats that almost emptied at Greenwich keep sailing back and forth, past A Slice of Reality.

And the high tides keep bringing in the dredgers loaded with the sands of the estuary, the cargo ships of unrefined sugar, the emptied refuse barges returning to their riverside boroughs.

[fimg id=3379660068]

And the river just keeps flowing.

[fimg id=3382448943]

Until somebody tells it to stop.

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