There’s a hill at Porthmadog behind the Black Rock Sands, a moel, Moel-y-gest.

[fimg id=2201094647]

A 200 metre grey and green granite lump.

[fimg id=2653317245]

Paths weave through the lower slopes, past the grazing sheep and dairy cows.

[fimg id=2626811425]

Converging, often merging into the heather and bracken, meandering through the rocky plug of the peak.

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Where you can finally stop for a rest on the iron age fort, above the estuary of the Afon Glaslyn.

[fimg id=4310060244]

Look back.

[fimg id=2735066476]

Peer down on Tremadog.

[fimg id=2640595850]

As the sun dips behind the true mountains of Snowdonia.

[fimg id=3696153864]

And the evening clouds roll over the rippling ridge of Lleyn Peninsula and disperse out over the Irish Sea.

[fimg id=3660647057]

And the long summer grass shivers in the dying light.

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