How to deliver a petition

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First, get 35,000 people to sign your petition, and find a friendly university stationary office who can print that many hundreds of pages. Hurry down Whitehall to hang around outside Downing Street while another petition goes in before you.

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Ensure that you have one Evan Harris to turn up unannounced with a Lord Willis, to efficiently direct and choreograph things.

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Pose and smile! L to R: Michelle Brook, Imran Khan (CaSE), Evan Harris,Jenny Rohn, Phil Willis, Richard Grant, Colin Blakemore, and Della Thomas.

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Get your petition out and wave it around for the camera.

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Panic when you realise you’ve got to reassemble it all again.

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Ring the bell, and pass it to the doorman, whose job description apparently includes posing for camera when petitions are delivered.

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Answer some questions for the press agencies — I don’t know whether any news outlet actually used any of their footage, but I imagine the agencies have cameras here all day to capture far more exciting things, like the arrival of Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier that morning

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And finally, play around taking pictures of eachother pretending to be the new prime-minister.

More photos in the Science is Vital flickr set.

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