Brunel Locks

There are some places I keep taking pictures of again and again, building up a time series through the changing of seasons and urban renewal. Not necessarily deliberately, but just because I happen to pass that way regularly.

[fimg id=143219180]

Spring 2004

One of the earliest of those time series was at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, looking south at the Brunel Locks.

[fimg id=143150233]

Winter 2004

Brunel Locks is where Bristol’s Floating Harbour flows out into the tidal River Avon. Bridged by the ridiculous 1960s flyovers of the Brunel Way junction, and with the wonderful backdrop of Ashton Vale’s three landmark tobacco bonds.

[fimg id=286953543]

Winter 2006

It must be time I went back for the 2012 view.

[fimg id=2218514825]

Spring 2007

More pictures in the Floating Harbour gallery.

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