Winter in Keswick

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In February 2010 I booked the train up to Penrith…

[fimg id=4469121929 size=Medium][fimg id=4382842445 size=Medium]

only to break the bicycle I’d planned to take on the day before departure….

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so changed plans and walked everywhere in the snow around Keswick and Derwent Water, where the boat bus company fought to break the ice…

[fimg id=5522342276 size=Medium][fimg id=5474983448 size=Medium]

up over Walla Cragg and Latrigg in the blizzard, and through the fresh snow around the stones at Castlerigg…

[fimg id=5525364179]

and got the double decker bus down to Windermere for the train home…

[fimg id=5373833040 size=Small320][fimg id=8274950224 size=Small320][fimg id=5926336589 size=Small320]
[fimg id=4402174960 size=Small320][fimg id=4510223467 size=Small320][fimg id=4536099678 size=Small320]

The squirrel was a lucky catch in the woods below Ashness Bridge.

[fimg id=4406825891]

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