Uncanny Valley

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On a small wooded peninsula where there estuaries of the Dwyryd and Glaslyn meet at Penrhyndeudraeth south of Porthmadog in the foothills of Snowdonia in the kingdom of Gwynedd, you can find the Uncanny Valley.

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Portmeirion: the construction that looks just close enough to being a village as to be eerie, but just far enough from being a real village to inspire a slight feeling of revulsion.

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Built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis in something like the style of the fishing villages of the Italian Riviera, a cluster of hotel rooms disguised as slightly miniaturised houses scattered on the sides of a small valley above the estuary bay. “An artful and playful little modern village, designed as a whole and all of a piece … a fantastic collection of architectural relics and impish modern fantasies.”

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The perfect location for filming surreal dramas like The Prisoner then.

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