Pylons marching

[fimg id=6836976205]

[fimg id=9659631180 size=Medium][fimg id=7360031286 size=Medium]

People say they’re ugly.

[fimg id=9241174721]

[fimg id=487964938 size=Medium][fimg id=6761181077 size=Medium]

And want them put underground.

[fimg id=8343311178]

[fimg id=14745934514 size=Medium][fimg id=7886036502 size=Medium]

But I think it’s a bit more complicated than that.

[fimg id=10540605984]

[fimg id=16766157866 size=Medium][fimg id=17264457788 size=Medium]

[fimg id=16773565347]

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