Lambeth Cemetery

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Confusingly located beside the River Wandle on Blackshaw Road in Tooting on the far edge of the London Borough of Wandsworth, Lambeth Cemetery is closer to Merton than to Lambeth.

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But established by Lambeth following the Metropolitan Burial Act of 1852, pushing burial grounds to the then periphery of the city in response to the cholera epidemics, and still operated by Lambeth Borough.

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Now home to around a quarter of a million burials, like many of the Victorian metropolitan cemeteries Lambeth Cemetery’s monuments and chapels are showing their age.

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Lambeth Cemetery has avoided the fate of many Victorian metropolitan cemeteries, suffered by many of London’s Magnificent Severn cemeteries, but perhaps only by suffering the alternative fate — “lawn conversion” between 1969-91, with the loss of many monuments.

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I lived opposite Lambeth Cemetery for a little while over the autumn and winter of 2012 into 2013, so managed to shoot it in autumn colours and the brief drop of snow we had that year.

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