Victory Flashmob

[fimg id=16688229495] The terrorists photographers gathered at New Scotland Yard today for a victory flashmob. (Not a protest — those require a permission slip from the authorities these days.) They stood around outside (ironically, just in the shade, where it was difficult to get a nicely lit shot), talking and […]

The Big Busk

[fimg id=2895358734 size=Large] Billy Bragg kicked off the Cultural Olympiad with a singalong on the South Bank, accompanied outside the Festival Hall by dozens of guitars, whistles, brass, a few strings, tambourines and kazoos in The Big Busk. [fimg id=2894511307 size=Small] [fimg id=2895354934 size=Small] [fimg id=2894519289 size=Small] [fimg id=2895350580 size=Small] […]