The Foxes of West Kilburn

My desk overlooks the West Coast Main Line as it approaches Euston station through London’s inner suburbs of West Kilburn, between Kensal Green and Queen’s Park. Every evening, as the light begins to fade and photography gets difficult, the fox family emerge from their den, hidden in the scruffy overgrown […]

Grant Museum to close

[fimg id=3334322172] [fimg id=3333474329 size=Medium][fimg id=3334312106 size=Medium] [fimg id=3334312520 size=Medium][fimg id=3333475439 size=Medium] [fimg id=3334303924 size=Medium][fimg id=3334302738 size=Medium] Matt Brown reports that the awesome Grant Museum of Zoology is to close on July 1st. The Grant Museum is a hidden gem. It’s tiny, and shoved away somewhere deep within the labyrinths […]