Winter fogs past

[fimg id=4191541184] I love those freezing winter nights, when everything condenses into one big fog. [fimg id=3357022266 size=Medium][fimg id=3400849003 size=Medium] And the light blurs… [fimg id=3187903194] [fimg id=143152364 size=Medium][fimg id=351952915 size=Medium] And the shapes merge… [fimg id=3192687464] [fimg id=353903902 size=Medium][fimg id=352823582 size=Medium]

White Christmas

[fimg id=5350191026] At Christmas it snowed in Dorset. It doesn’t often snow in Dorset. When it does, everyone gets out to use it while it lasts. [fimg id=5356543295] Goes sledging in the steep sheep fields. [fimg id=5388189111 size=Medium][fimg id=5439069445 secret=124b68df5c size=Medium] Flattening the snow on the paths through the woods. […]

The Cheese Festival

[fimg id=5076050763] I love the Durham Township photoblog — all the fabulous atmospheric shallow-focus photos of rural Pensylvania. Especially the ones of the traditional county fairs and farm shows. The kids with candyfloss, prize livestock on display, and old fashioned family entertainment. [fimg id=5076050749] We have those in England, too: […]

From here to a promontory

The rocks that rebuilt London [fimg id=258497896] were pulled from a distant limestone island [fimg id=416328356] where the wastes from once great quarries [fimg id=4363579474] now give way to stormy seas [fimg id=357170283] where the racing tides of the Shambles bank are kept safe and shipwreck free [fimg id=433469946] by […]