lake district

Winter in Keswick

[fimg id=4399780508] In February 2010 I booked the train up to Penrith… [fimg id=4469121929 size=Medium][fimg id=4382842445 size=Medium] only to break the bicycle I’d planned to take on the day before departure…. [fimg id=5488795828] so changed plans and walked everywhere in the snow around Keswick and Derwent Water, where the boat […]

Skiddaw from the shores of Derwent Water

This is another one of those views I seem to keep returning to. With attempts from the summers of 2007 and ’08, the spring of ’09 and winter ’10. The distinctive blunted heaps of England’s fourth highest mountain, Skiddaw… [fimg id=4432780432 size=Medium][fimg id=3927773245 size=Medium] …reflected in Derwent Water. [fimg id=4254870191] […]


[fimg id=5981054121] Not a big hill by Lake District standards, but a popular one. [fimg id=1039686240] Because of its pleasant ascents past the tarns and rock formations. [fimg id=2624199816 size=Medium][fimg id=2708024876 size=Medium] And the view over Buttermere and the valley. [fimg id=2625896576] More on Wikipedia. [fimg id=6025940800]