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Ball game

[fimg id=181811895] One Saturday towards the end of June in 2006 I caught the sunset over Cincinnati from across the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky… [fimg id=181796392 size=Medium][fimg id=181816897 size=Medium] while the Cincinnati Reds played in the baseball park, puffs of smoke and sparks of fireworks in the unusually smog-free […]

Boston, six years ago

[fimg id=178034202] I was at a conference in Boston, Massachusetts, when the East Coast of the United States flooded in June 2006. [fimg id=360684535 size=Medium][fimg id=178035141 size=Medium] Boston wasn’t badly hit with flooding, but it did spend a few days covered in fog and puddles. [fimg id=178040310] I’d only just […]

Los Lagos

[fimg id=3985929723] This time last year, I was cycling around the lake district, Los Lagos, in Chilean Patagonia. I was there with Computer Aid International, who refurbish old office computers and send them to schools, hospitals, and development projects around the world, including the small city of Osorno in Los […]