Pylons marching

[fimg id=6836976205] [fimg id=9659631180 size=Medium][fimg id=7360031286 size=Medium] People say they’re ugly. [fimg id=9241174721] [fimg id=487964938 size=Medium][fimg id=6761181077 size=Medium] And want them put underground. [fimg id=8343311178] [fimg id=14745934514 size=Medium][fimg id=7886036502 size=Medium] But I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. [fimg id=10540605984] [fimg id=16766157866 size=Medium][fimg id=17264457788 size=Medium] [fimg id=16773565347]

BT Tower sunset silhouette - photocatalyst

BT Tower

[fimg id=3994410091] I wrote a little while ago about taking the same shot, of the same subject or view, again and again, in all lights and conditions, in Lots Road Power Station. [fimg id=2723600850 size=Medium][fimg id=2422605849 size=Medium] [fimg id=2277283637 size=Medium][fimg id=2274456053 size=Medium] Another one of those subjects, from a previous […]

The Settle to Carlisle Railway

[fimg id=973092504] I like the ways that railways fit into the landscape: the mix of bold lines, elegant curves, symmetrical structures and lush green earthworks, embedded in big landscapes — like these ones on the Settle to Carlisle Line in the Yorkshire Dales national park — and tying places together. […]

Denny Church Walk

[fimg id=7341124464] I stumbled upon this riding down to Falkirk from Stirling in January. [fimg id=7341124810 size=Medium][fimg id=7341124612 size=Medium] The great concrete 1960s Church Walk blocks in Denny, Falkirk, officially Scotland’s Most Dismal Town 2010. [fimg id=7155975933] The townsfolk requested the honour, hoping that it would help to prod the […]

The Moine House 1

[fimg id=5596308824] The geology and landscape of the Scottish Highlands are famously divided by the Great Glen fault. Less famous is the Moine Thrust Belt, running almost parallel to the Great Glen a hundred miles north. Here the rocks and landscape of the northern Highlands are pushed over those of […]

Millennium Bridge

Ten years ago today, a new bridge across the Thames was opened in central London, between St Paul’s Cathedral in The City and the recently opened Tate Modern and Globe Theatre attractions in Southwark’s Bankside. [fimg id=4352511224] The media loved it: another public project that perfectly fit their millennium story, […]

Battersea, in all its desolation

So Beautiful Britain magazine — a magazine that I could find no evidence of anybody having ever heard of — is putting out press releases about their latest “survey”. It’s a survey of Britain’s worst eyesores and best loved buildings. But wait, doesn’t that press release get a little bit, […]