Lines in the landscape at Goring Gap in the Chiltern Hills

Goring is one of those South Eastern villages that would probably be quite nice if they weren’t being pulled into the black hole of London, despite the best efforts of the green belt, so that they feel slightly too full with people and traffic and money for their size. All […]

Ships and stunts at Bristol Harbour Festival 2016

I’m very behind on blogging events and shoots, like the Bristol Harbour Festival that we went west for in July. For cranes, trains, boats and bunting, including displays from tall ships and steam tugs, minesweepers and fireboats, as the old city docks hosted vintage vessels for harbourside spectators. We rode […]

Pylons marching

[fimg id=6836976205] [fimg id=9659631180 size=Medium][fimg id=7360031286 size=Medium] People say they’re ugly. [fimg id=9241174721] [fimg id=487964938 size=Medium][fimg id=6761181077 size=Medium] And want them put underground. [fimg id=8343311178] [fimg id=14745934514 size=Medium][fimg id=7886036502 size=Medium] But I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. [fimg id=10540605984] [fimg id=16766157866 size=Medium][fimg id=17264457788 size=Medium] [fimg id=16773565347]

Rouge on a corpse: Salford Chapel Street

[fimg id=7686943798] Three years ago I was passing through Manchester on the way from Edinburgh to Snowdonia. Took an evening stroll down Salford’s Chapel Street: the main A6 road from Salford Central to the rest of the borough. [fimg id=7686934180 size=Medium][fimg id=7686955464 size=Medium] They had just completed a Kensington High […]