Ball game

[fimg id=181811895] One Saturday towards the end of June in 2006 I caught the sunset over Cincinnati from across the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky… [fimg id=181796392 size=Medium][fimg id=181816897 size=Medium] while the Cincinnati Reds played in the baseball park, puffs of smoke and sparks of fireworks in the unusually smog-free […]

Boston, six years ago

[fimg id=178034202] I was at a conference in Boston, Massachusetts, when the East Coast of the United States flooded in June 2006. [fimg id=360684535 size=Medium][fimg id=178035141 size=Medium] Boston wasn’t badly hit with flooding, but it did spend a few days covered in fog and puddles. [fimg id=178040310] I’d only just […]